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About GRMC - Key Leadership

Administrative Staff
Monte Neitzel Matt McCutchan Gwen Buck
Monte Neitzel
Chief Executive Officer
Matt McCutchan
Chief Financial Officer
Gwen Buck
Chief Nursing Officer
LouAnn Snodgrass Amy Rieck
LouAnn Snodgrass
Patient Experience/Quality Officer
Amy Rieck
Human Resources Officer


Department Directors
Jim Hagen Amy Herr Barb Kenyon
Jim Hagen
Director of Facilities
Amy Herr
Director of Health Information
Management Systems
Barb Kenyon
Director of Laboratory
Ginny Lents Shari Mitchell Mary Houghtaling
Ginny Lents
Director of Dietary Services
Shari Mitchell
Director of Patient
Financial Services
Mary Houghtaling
Director of Senior Housing
Larry Richardson Alexandra Kerber J.R. Rockhold
Larry Richardson
Director of Pharmacy
Alexandra Kerber
Director of Pharmacy
J.R. Rockhold
Director of Radiology
Jay Borchart Katy Wiley Larry Wagner
Jay Bochart
Director of Materials Management
Katy Wiley
Director of Cancer Center
Larry Wagner
Director of Respiratory Care
Karla Winn Mike Bargstadt Mary Groves
Karla Alford
Director of Data Processing
Mike Bargstadt
Director of Rehabilitation Services
Mary Groves
Director of Emergency Services
Brian K. Schon Jackie Whitson  
Brian K. Schon
Director of Clinic Operations
Jackie Whitson
Director of Surgery