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Welcome to Greater Regional Medical Center Pharmacy Services

At Greater Regional, our pharmacy team strives to be a readily accessible patient advocate providing pharmaceutical care and exceptional customer service via a fully integrated pharmacy system in collaboration with other health care providers. Our values of teamwork, competence, communication, honesty, integrity, respect and achievement help us provide you, the patient, with the best possible care. 

The Greater Regional Pharmacy is a centralized and completely computerized service designed to enhance inpatient care. The service is extensively automated using Unit-Dose drug distribution and decentralized Pyxis MedStation 4000 dispensing units to support inpatient-dispensing functions and provide an integrated information network. 

The inpatient pharmacy is centrally located in the facility and provides 10-hours/day 7-day a week service to the medical center. It serves the entire medical center with a complete Unit -Dose medication system and IV admixtures. The pharmacy generates daily medication records for all inpatients and also provides emergency medication acquisition. 

The pharmacy plays a role on the Greater Regional health care team that ensures continuous quality of care. Pharmacy participates on the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and the Continuous Quality Improvement Team allowing communication between all health care professionals involved in patient care. The pharmaceutical care team is also involved in developing and managing the drug formulary along with other health care providers. Greater Regional pharmacists are also involved in providing medication in-services to make our staff more knowledgeable about the drug therapy they are dispensing to the patient. By working together as a team, the Greater Regional Pharmacy staff is able to provide quality drug therapy and education to our patients. 

In the acute care setting, our Pharmacy staff is trained to provide the best pharmaceutical care in relation to the inpatient's medication therapy. The Greater Regional pharmacists are able to provide drug information that pertains to patients on an individual basis. Through computer order entry, the pharmacist is able to identify any contraindications to therapy such as a drug allergy, drug-drug interaction, drug-food interaction, drug-disease interaction or adverse drug reaction. Specific patient information can be accessed to individualize intravenous therapy, total parenteral nutrition, antibiotic dosing and monitor medication therapy as a patient's condition changes. 

As a pharmaceutical care team our goal is to provide each patient with optimal medication therapy. By working together with other health care professionals, a continuum of care exists which helps ensure that our patients will receive prompt, effective, professional and quality medical care. 

Larry L. Richardson, RPh
Director of Pharmacy Services