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Sleep Studies

Sleep Disorders Center

Since 2001, Greater Regional Medical Center has offered highly specialized sleep study services. Our staff is specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, including:

  • Sleep-disordered breathing, or snoring, which may be caused by certain obstructive or central nervous system disorders
  • Problems staying awake as a result of conditions such as narcolepsy
  • Daytime sleepiness or insomnia resulting from conditions such as restless legs syndrome or sleep apnea

Our newly remodeled two bed sleep laboratory is open six to seven nights a week and provides a comfortable testing environment for optimal results. Your comfort during the procedure is important to us and we’ve supplied our sleep study rooms with sleep by number beds as well as independently temperature controlled rooms.

The Greater Regional Medical Center Sleep Disorders Center partners with Iowa Sleep Disorders Physician, Dr. Steven Zorn.  A patient may be tested using one or more of the following sleep study methods:

  1. Polysomnographic Study (PSG): This study records a variety of body functions during sleep, including electrical activities of the brain, heart rate, muscle activity, eye movement, breathing, air flow through the nose and mouth, and blood oxygen levels.
  2. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Study: This study is similar to the routine PSG, followed by initiation and evaluation of your CPAP needs. CPAP is used to treat sleep apnea. 

All sleep studies are scored by credentialed technicians and results are interpreted by Dr. Zorn. If needed, referrals to specialty physicians such as neurologists, pulmonologist, otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat doctors) to assist your primary care provider in developing your individual treatment plans will be made.

For more information about sleep and sleep disorders please call 641-782-3611.