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Greater Regional Birthing Center: Celebrating New Life!!!

Greater Regional Medical Center is pleased to offer state-of-the art Labor, Delivery and Recovery Rooms in our Greater Regional Birthing Center.

In an effort to better promote safety, security, prevent infection, and protect newborns, the Greater Regional Birthing Center has made changes in visiting policies. Greater Regional welcomes friends and family to visit after newborn delivery.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours in the Greater Regional Birthing Center are between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. In addition, visitors will be limited for the first two hours following a newborn's birth to allow the new mother and parents to begin the important bonding process.

The Medical Center requests all visitors be mindful of the importance of a quiet and calm environment in the Birthing Center. In addition, anyone who is not feeling well, has been exposed to a contagious disease, or is running a fever is requested to delay a visit to protect the health and well being of the new mom and baby.

Siblings are encouraged to visit their new sister or brother. To ensure the safety of children, they need to be supervised by an adult at all times. Children under the age of 12, who are not siblings, will not be allowed to visit in the Birthing Center to help with infection prevention. A viewing window is provided for families and friends to view the newborns at Greater Regional near the nursery.

Anyone having questions about the new visitation policies are welcome to contact the Greater Regional Birthing Center at 641-782-3519.

In our efforts to protect your confidentiality, during labor and delivery, the nursing staff is not able to inform your friends or relatives of your labor progress or delivery. Phone calls and visitors will be referred to your support person. In addition, in order to provide optimal care for our new mothers and babies, visitation during the labor and delivery phase may be limited by the nursing staff and physicians.

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