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Services - Maternal/Child Health Program

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Maternal-Child Health Program

In an effort to enhance the well being of new babies and their families, home visits are available to all new mothers and their babies in Union County by Union County Public Health Nurses/Greater Regional Outreach Services.

After a referral for postpartum/well baby services has been received, attempts will be made to schedule a home visit within 2-7 days post discharge. To avoid duplication of services, patients scheduled to see their physician 2-3 days post discharge will not be seen by the Maternal Child Health Nurse until 5-7 days post discharge. Patients not scheduled to see their physician during the first week will be seen by the Maternal Child Health Nurse 2-4 days post discharge.

Weekend/holiday visits will not be routinely scheduled, but will be made if circumstances indicate necessity and a Maternal Child Health Nurse is available.

All families accepting services will receive an information packet related to postpartum and baby care. Community resource information will be offered to the family with referrals made as requested.

The number of home visits made will be based on the initial assessment with referrals made for those needing ongoing skilled nursing services.