Welcome to Greater Regional Medical Center! 

The healthcare team on the campus of Greater Regional Medical Center is committed to providing you with the highest quality healthcare to help you regain your optimal level of health. 

Greater Regional Medical Center is a state of the art, modern health care facility, with an Intensive Care Unit, Greater Regional Birthing Center, 24 hour Emergency Services, and a fully equipped Surgery Department.

Board of Trustees 

Key Leadership 

Mission, Vision and Values


Greater Regional Medical Center is licensed by the Iowa State Department of Health and is a member of the American Hospital Association and Iowa Hospital Association.

Levels of Care 

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 

This unit is provided for patients requiring intensive nursing care. Patients in the ICU include those who have undergone surgery or are suffering from cardiac or other critical medical conditions.

Acute Care  

Inpatient care requiring daily visits from patient's physician and frequent adjustments in treatment according to the patient's condition. 

Swing Bed/Skilled Care

Swing Bed/Skilled Care provides post acute hospital care to patients no longer needing direct physician care, but who require specialized care on a continuing basis. Benefits for swing bed/skilled care are included in part A of the Medicare plan as long as Medicare criteria for this level of care is met. Swing bed/skilled care benefits are also included in some private insurance policies. 

Surgery - Ambulatory Surgery - Same Day Surgery

Surgical services are provided 24 hours a day. Both inpatient and outpatient procedures are provided. Greater Regional Medical Center is pleased to have several surgeons on staff to provide surgery services and to provide your surgical care needs locally. 

Anesthesia Services

Anesthesia services are available 24 hours a day. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) with extensive experience provide anesthesia for inpatient, outpatient, obstetrics and epidural steroids for pain due to spinal nerve root irritation. Your safety and comfort is our first priority.


Our younger patients enjoy tender loving care from our team. We also offer flexible visiting hours to allow parents to stay with their child and be involved in their child's care. 

Obstetrics - Greater Regional Birthing Center

Specially trained obstetrical nurses provide family centered care throughout the prenatal period, labor & delivery, and post partum periods. 


Observation care is available for patients requiring this level of care. Usually, the patient stays no more than 23 to 48 hours on the Patient Care Floor before being discharged, moved, or advanced to another level of care. 

Any questions regarding specific levels of care can be referred to the Utilization Review Coordinator or the Case Manager. 

Hospice Home

The Greater Regional Hospice Home has been designed to meet the needs of terminally ill patients and their families and is located right across the street from the medical center.