Meet Our New Physicians at Greater Regional Health

Greater Regional Health is introducing many new physicians to our pediatrics, family practice and internal medicine departments! We’re excited to bring more experience and capabilities to the team as we onboard additional pediatric care specialists, family physicians and internal medicine doctors.

Welcome to the Pediatrics Department, Dr. Cheri Standing, MD

One of the newest pediatric doctors joining Greater Regional Health is Dr. Cheri Standing, MD. When studying medicine, she felt an immediate attraction to pediatrics since she loves working with kids. Dr. Standing likes talking with the children she treats and hearing what they have to say, and is also amazed by their resilience in hospital settings. Pediatrics is a mentally challenging and rewarding field, which is why Dr. Standing enjoys her position so much.

Having grown up in rural Iowa, Dr. Cheri Standing, MD is pleased to be back in a small town and be a part of a rural community healthcare setting. She chose to join the pediatrics team at Greater Regional Health because she was impressed with the positive attitude and excellence of medical care she noticed during her interview visits.

Dr. Standing began her education at the University of Iowa College of Medicine, and went on to continue her residency at hospitals in Rochester, NY, Columbus, OH and Tuscan, AZ; where she studied pediatric emergency medicine and integrative medicine. Her work in pediatrics has given her many opportunities to practice in many different parts of the country. Dr. Cheri Standing has been a pediatric physician in Columbus, OH; St. Paul, MN and Philadelphia, PA before coming back to Iowa, where she worked at many locations in Des Moines, including opening her own private practice before joining the Greater Regional Health team.

After work hours, Dr. Cheri keeps busy by gardening, jogging, biking or reading in her free time. She also enjoys spending time with her college-age kids who both attend Iowa State University.

Dr. Jim Gerdes, DO is Joining The Family Medicine Clinic

Welcome our family medicine physician, Dr. Jim Gerdes, D.O. He chose to become a family medicine doctor because he has a desire to form long-lasting relationships and enjoys caring for his patients throughout their lifetime. This position also adds variety to each day since Dr. Gerdes’ patients range in age from newborns to people over 100 years old.

Dr. Gerdes enjoys working at Greater Regional Health because it offers an extensive service line to its patients. He believes it is incredible to have so many primary care and specialty providers in one small-town Iowa location. Before coming to GRH, Dr. Jim Gerdes studied at Des Moines University and worked as a physician at McFarland Clinic in Jefferson, IA.

In his free time, Dr. Gerdes enjoys watching his kids participate in their various activities. He is also a fan of motorcycles, golf and mowing the yard.

Dr. Matthew Checketts, DO is Now Accepting Internal Medicine Patients

Come see Dr. Checketts if you’re looking for a physician that specializes in treating all types of adult illnesses or concerns. When he was studying medicine, Dr. Matthew Checketts always pictured himself treating adults, and his mentor was an internal medicine doctor who showed him it was the best fit for him. Dr. Checketts enjoys primary care because it gives him the ability to form strong relationships with his patients. As an internal medicine doctor, he can care for a patient for their entire adult life or patients will be referred to him for complex diseases.

Joining Greater Regional Health and serving the community’s needs is something that Dr. Matthew Checketts is proud to be a part of. After studying across the country in Idaho, Arizona and Florida, he’s looking forward to the move to Iowa. Dr. Checkett earned is degrees from Brigham Young University, A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine and Florida Atlantic University Charles B. Schmidt College of Medicine. After his schooling, he worked at a private practice in Mesa, Arizona before coming to Creston, Iowa.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Checkett and his wife stay active through swimming or hiking. They also enjoy going to the movies, reading, learning, seeing new places and trying great food. The two of them also love spending free time with their extended families.

Get Quality Primary Care at Greater Regional Health

We are pleased to welcome the skills of Dr. Standing, Dr. Gerdes and Dr. Checketts to the team. Our newest physicians are all accepting new patients, so schedule an appointment or plan your child’s next check-up with one of these primary care providers. Greater Regional Health is proud to offer such excellent services to our local patients in Creston, Iowa and surrounding areas for their convenience and overall health.