Stay Informed with Greater Regional Health Testing Updates

*Update as of May 20th, 2020:

Patient and employee safety is one of our top priorities. That is why we want to be so transparent with the community regarding the spread and testing of COVID-19. We will continue to post Union County's positive case numbers as soon as they are verified to us by Iowa Department of Public Health but due to many variables like patient privacy, wide demographic of patients and the public's confusion, we will not be posting Greater Regional's testing numbers. We want our patients to feel respected and safe when getting their healthcare here. Thank you for your support & stay safe.

Greater Regional Health understands the importance of being transparent in COVID-19 information to keep our patients, family, and friends healthy and safe. Each day we log our daily counts of test given, tests pending, and negative/positive tests our facility does. The public can view these numbers here. Additionally, you can follow our social media pages ( with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) for updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Greater Regional Health is following the testing guidance from the CDC, Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), and our providers. Testing for COVID-19 can occur at any medical facility with the capabilities for testing or any Test Iowa sites. If the patient tests positive, the results will be tallied to the county where they have claimed residence. 

Union County’s Public Health Nurse is responsible for following up with any positive cases recorded for Union County. Greater Regional Health works directly with the Union County Public Health nurse to be able to send information out to the public. While the positive case may not have been tested at Greater Regional Health, the report of a confirmed positive case would be communicated from GRH.

Stay informed and continue to follow CDC recommendations with hand hygiene and social distancing. Continue to visit our website for up to date trusted health care information.