Wound Care Services Now Available at GRMC

Did you know Greater Regional Rehabilitation Services has a team of experts who can help you heal if you have a troublesome wound? We have worked hard to assemble a team of experts so that you can have everything you need right here!

Do you know of someone who has diabetes, poor circulation, or other medical conditions that have led them to have a wound or sore that just wont heal? Or,  if you or a loved one has a sore on your skin somewhere on the body, especially on legs or toes, you or your loved one may need help from a Wound Specialist Team.

We would like to introduce you to our dedicated team of health care professionals who are ready to keep you moving forward.

  • Dr. Heather Osterbrink, MD, FACS, CWSP, providing surgery services.
  • Teen Jones, DPT, providing physical therapy and would healing.
  • Ginny Lents, RD, providing dietary counseling.
  • Andrea Skellenger, OTD, CLT an Occupational Therapist who is specialized in treating lymphedema.
  • Suzanne Carlson, CWOCN, a wound, ostomy and continence specialist.

This specialized team of highly trained professionals can offer:

  • Treatment for lymphedema-swelling in your arm or leg because of circulation problems. When the swelling happens in your leg, you have fluid weeping out of your skin causing sores. We can use special bandages to help you get rid of the swelling, and we can help your skin heal if needed. 
  • Dietary Consultation- our dietician can help you make changes in your diet that an help you heal much faster, and maintain better health in the future. 
  • Wounds- if you have a wound that isn't healing, our team can help you by helping to find and reverse the cause of your wound. We often use special dressings to speed up the healing process, as well as lifestyle and diet changes that may help you heal much faster. 
  • Ostomy Care- we can help you find the right containment device and help you with skin problems or other problems you might be experiencing. 
  • Physical Therapy- your therapist can teach you how to prevent or manage your condition so you can have long-term health benefits. Your doctor may suggest physical therapy if you've had an injury or an illness that makes it hard for you to care for yourself or do what you need to do in your life. If you have a wound because of surgery or a disease process such as diabetes, your Physical Therapist can help you move, reduce pain, and live better. 

Choose You. Choose Health. Choose GRMC. Keep you and your loved ones moving forward in 2018 and call for appointment today, 641782-3510.