Business Health and Wellness

What is Business Health and Wellness?

Business Health is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries that occur at work

How is this different than seeing a family physician?

Business Health and Wellness clinics are not open to the general public - they only serve employers and their employees. With onsite visits, staff are able to provide focused injury care that utilizes their knowledge of the working environment. A "back to work"philosophy seeks to minimize case length and reduce workers compensation expenses.

Who works in an Business Health and Wellness Clinic?

Staff who work in an Business Health and Wellness clinic specialize in work-related medical care, including preventative medicine and wellness. Nurses obtain training and certification in specialty areas, such as federal drug and alcohol test collections, OSHA compliant audio-metric testing, pulmonary function testing and more.

How are these services billed?

Business Health and Wellness clinics bill directly to employers or directly to the employer's insurance carriers - not to the employee's personal insurance.

Employer Focused

Work-related injuries and their related expenses are typically one of the top three most expensive
line items on an employer's budget. Business Health and Wellness clinics are uniquely qualified to meet an employer's specific medical needs. With a proven history of helping employers reduce workers compensation costs, our Business Health and Wellness clinic can partner with your business to help you improve the health status and productivity of your workforce.

Workers Compensation Injury Care:
Drug Screens:
• DOT and non-DOT certified drug and alcohol collections and testing
• DOT and non-DOT certified alcohol breathalyzer with confirmation
• Eye injuries
• Fractures
• Lacerations


Greater Regional Business Health & Wellness along with Health Solutions have created a
partnership to help employers improve employee health and reduce both healthcare and injury
costs. The alliance combines Health Solutions comprehensive, successful wellness programming
with Greater Regional's Business Health & Wellness services creating Greater Regional Business Health& Wellness PLUS.
85% of workers compensation costs are tied to a worker's high health risk assessment. How can
our PLUS program help your company:
• Onsite health screenings
• Proactive Health Management for high risk employees
• Wellness Coaching (On site or telephone)
• Health Promotions programming and support
• Wellness program management
• Wellness portal to support coaching and health promotion
• Comprehensive program reporting

Comprehensive Services
Our Business Health and Wellness Services provide a comprehensive, effective management program for companies of any size - large or small. Our staff will collaborate with you to help manage risk factors, keep your employees happy and healthy and get them back to work quickly
and safely after an injury.

Other services provided include:
• DOT Physicals and re-certifications
• Pre-employment physicals
• Drug Screens-DOT/non DOT
• Rapid Drug Screens
• Breath Alcohol testing
• On Site Laboratory
• Basic Hearing and Vision Screenings
• Ergonomics work station testing
• FCE-Functional Capacity Evaluation
• Immunizations  
• On site educational presentations
• Spirometry/Pulmonary function testing
• CPR/First Aid training

Experienced Professionals
Our staff is credentialed and licensed according to national standards.
• DOT specimen certification
• Breath Alcohol technician certified
• Ergonomics for industries
• CPR and First Aid certified
We work closely with Greater Regional Medical Center Departments including:
• Emergency Department
• Rehabilitation/Orthopaedics Services
• Laboratory
• Radiology
• Respiratory
• Other Specialists


9:00 AM-5:00 PM


Drug Screens only for post accidents and reasonable suspicion testing. All after hours testing is completed at Greater Regional Medical Center Lab.  

To learn more about how Business Health can partner with your company call:

Phone: 641-782-3698
Fax: 641-782-3894
Nancy Anthony, BSN