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About This Clinic

Greater Regional is committed to helping women of all ages access needed health care at every stage of their lives and takes women's health issues very seriously.  Our team of providers specialize in the health care of women from the time of their first menstrual period and beyond. Our providers will listen to your concerns and work with you to identify and understand your individual health care needs. 

Our Women's Health Clinic is committed to delivering high quality, comprehensive care for women respecting the individual needs of each patient.

Prevention Guidelines for Women

Many illness affecting women are fairly preventable.   Those illness that cannot be prevented are treatable if detected early.  Listed below are recommendations for women on when and how often screenings are recommended by age.  Keep in mind these are guidelines only.  Your physician or nurse will personalize the timing of the screening tests you need based on many factors. 

   18-39                40-49             50-64        65 AND OLDER                                                                                            
 BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVEL  Varies depending on family history and risk factors for diabetes.
 BLOOD PRESSURE  Every one to two years.
 BONE DENSITY (OSTEOPOROSIS)    Postmenopausal women should discuss screening and risk factors with their provider.
 BREAST SELF-EXAM  Monthly self-exam; annual exam by provider.
 CHOLESTEROL  Every five years after age 18.
 COLORECTAL EXAM (COLONOSCOPY)   Beginning at age 50, a colonoscopy is recommended every 10 years. Screening may be recommended earlier based on your family and medical history.
 DEPRESSION (POSTPARTUM) Consult your provider if you experience feelings of sadness, loneliness and irritability for more than two weeks; see your provider if you experience their feelings during or after pregnancy. 
 DENTAL EXAM  Twice a year for checkup and cleaning
 EYE EXAM Every one to two years; yearly if you have diabetes or a family history of eye diseases. 
 HEARING SCREENING  Every 10 years up to age 50; more frequent testing after age 50.
 MAMMOGRAPHY    Every one to two years after age 40; see your provider for personal risks.
 PAP SMEAR Recommended every two years beginning no later than age 21.  After age 30, you and your provider may decide to conduct one every two-three years if you have three normal test results in a row and no relevant health risks.
 PELVIC EXAM  Recommended yearly beginning no later than age 21.
 PHYSICAL EXAM  Annual full checkup including height and weight; consult your provider about any health concerns you may have.
If you are sexually active and at increased risk, get tested for diseases such as Chlamydia; Gonorrhea and HIV.
 SKIN EXAM  Annual mole checks; check yourself for suspicious growths or changes.

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