General Surgery

What is general surgery?

"General surgery" according to the American College of Surgeons is a discipline of surgery having a central core of knowledge embracing anatomy, physiology, metabolism, immunology, nutrition, pathology, wound health, shock and resuscitation, intensive care, and neoplasia, which are common surgical specialties. 

What is a general surgeon?

The American College of Surgeons continues to state a general surgeon has specialized knowledge and experience related to the diagnosis, preoperative, operative, and postoperative management, including the management of complications, in nine primary components of surgery.  The American Board of Surgery says general surgeons are trained to operate on the:

  • Alimentary tract (esophagus and related organs)

  • Abdomen and its contents

  • Breast, skin, and soft tissue

  • Endocrine system

Dr. Heather Osterbrink

Dr. Amy Hynek McFarland

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What surgeries/procedures do general surgeons perform?

  • Appendectomy

  • Breast Biopsy

  • Cesarean Section

  • Cholecystectomy (surgery to remove the gallbladder)

  • Colonoscopies 

  • Debridement of wound, burn, or infection

  • Endoscopy 

  • Hemorrhoidectomy

  • Hysterectomy

  • Hernia Repairs 

  • Infusa-port 

  • Mastectomy

  • Partial colectomy

  • Skin Lesion excision 

What kind of care can I expect from the general surgeons at Greater Regional?

When you make an appointment with our general surgeons, Dr. Heather Osterbrink or Dr. Amy Hynek McFarland, their philosophy of care stands out. 


As a surgeon, it is my goal to provide exceptional care to each of my patients. This starts with educating people about their diagnosis and the treatment plans available. Together we discuss benefits and risks associated with each option. I do my best to assist patients in creating a treatment plan that will meet and hopefully exceed their goals. 

Heather Osterbrink, MD, FACS, CWSP

My impact on my patients is that I want to be able to provide them with reassurance. Needing surgery can be stressful and scary time in people's lives. Because this isn't a huge hospital, we have the luxury of making patients feel they're not just a number and reassure them that they're going to receive the best care possible. 

Amy Hynek McFarland, DO, FACOS