Sports Injury

Athletic Training

What is Athletic Training?

Athletic Training is the service line an athletic trainer performs. An athletic trainer is a certified and licensed health care professional who practices in the field of sports medicine.

Why is this needed?

Why should a school or an organization invest in a certified athletic trainer?

Sports injuries can be serious. Brain and spinal cord injuries, and conditions such as heat stroke, can be life-threatening if not recognized early and properly managed. Having on-site Athletic Trainers (AT's) support youth athletes and emphasize the importance of the child's continued focus on managing other chronic illness, such s diabetes and asthma, allowing safe participating in sports. Certified AT's offer athletes support in preventing, treating and rehabilitating sport injuries and medical conditions. 

What are the benefits of having a Greater Regional AT?

When having a Greater Regional Athletic Trainer at sporting events gives access to a continuum of care right here in Creston, Iowa. 

Our Athletic Trainers have immediate access to our orthopedics department and rehabilitation department. Our athletic trainers have direct relationships with our orthopedics and sports medicine surgeons; and our surgeons and AT's have direct relationships with our rehabilitation staff. All your care in one same building, to get your athletic back to their sport.

Our Athletic Trainers believe in prevention. They will work with their athletes to promote injury prevention and safety. 

Jon Hochstetler, AT_edited_edited.jpg

My philosophy is to utilize my strong leadership skills in conjunction with my knowledge of sports injury and sudden death prevention to improve injury and mortality rates in athletics.

Jon Hochstetler, DAT, LAT, ATC

Our athletic trainers are committed to our area student-athletes thru all phases of athletic training including immediate injury care, injury treatments and physical reconditioning.

Kelsi Huseman, MA, LAT, ATC, EMT

Kaci Kious, AT_edited.jpg

Kaci Kious, ATC

What area coaches are saying...


Coach Jared Carter

Kaci was a huge asset to our bays basketball team. She would have the kids wrapped up and ready to go before practice started and before games. She would give great insights on injuries and discuss rehab/recovery with student and coaches. We were lucky to have her this year.

Baseball Bats

Coach Mike Cormack

I just want to take this opportunity to send  you my support for these training services that have been provided by Kelsi... In my third year in coaching in our district here at Southwest Valley (softball, baseball and girls basketball), I have found the service provided by our trainers to be very valuable. I believe they do a tremendous job and as I travel to other schools, believe their services is equal and in most cases, superior, to those I see at other locations. 

Sports Practice

Coach Anthony Donahoo

Kelsi is unbeleivably knowledge of sports injuries and rehabilitation. [She] has always been on time, personable to our players, has great work ethic and motivates our students to get better.

James Lamgo, ATC