Nutritional Counseling Services

Registered dietitians provide nutritional counseling and consultations as ordered by physicians and upon request for patients throughout Greater Regional Medical Center. In addition, the Department facilitates the Diabetic Education Program.

Making the right food choices helps in the management of many medical problems, including: heart disease, diabetes mellitus, celiac disease, hypertension, diverticulitis, obesity and many more.

Nutritional Counseling/Consultation is an individualized with with one of our registered dietitians to review information on a diet to assist you with your specific health care needs.  Follow-up session are available as needed.

Corporate Nutrition programs are also available as part of our Business Health & Wellness Program to assist employees embrace a healthy lifestyle.  Programs include:

Nutrition Makeover Class:  

This is a 30-60 minute class provided by one of our dietitians to review medical history, food choices, behaviors and health goals.  A basic nutrition/wellness plan will be developed according to the individual's lifestyle and goals.

Nutrition Mini:

This is a follow-up class to the Nutrition Makeover Class.  The dietitian will assist in evaluating your progress with your nutrition plan, provide ongoing education and answer any questions.

Eating for a Healthy Heart:

This program is a one to two hour class focusing on food choices and practical tips for following a diet to help lower cholesterol and lipid levels.  This class may also include food preparation or grocery store tours.

Interactive Nutrition Workshops:

These workshops can be scheduled as desired at the work site on a variety of nutritionally related topics, such as how to lose body fat and keep it off; vitamin supplementation; and good food choices for exercise.

To Learn More 

Contact the Nutritional Counseling Department at 641-782-3526.

Greater Regional Diabetes Education 

It's about learning how to control your diabetes, rather than it controlling you! 

Our Diabetes Education team includes physicians, nurses, dietitians, and pharmacists who offer you support and education regarding your diabetes. 

Greater Regional Diabetes Education Services are available with a physician's order, or you may call in for a self-referral. Generally, your health care provider will be consulted as most insurances and/or Medicare will cover instruction with an order from one of the above-mentioned professionals.

Diabetes Education includes individual consultation and classes where persons with diabetes are provided information on their disease process, self monitoring of blood glucose, medications, carb counting, meal planning, how to plan for sick days, care of feet and other aspects of diabetes care.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring is available as prescribed by your health care provider to monitor blood glucose for 72 hours. This test allows blood sugar monitoring and recording and can be very helpful in diabetes management.

Diabetic Support Group

Meetings are held on the third Monday of every month at 1:00 p.m. in the Greater Regional DV Richardson conference room. Please join us to participate in the discussions and hear speakers discussing diabetes self-management issues.

To Learn More 

Any individual is welcome to call the Greater Regional Diabetes Education Center for information. Please call us at (641) 782-3845 or (641) 782-3526 and we will gladly help evaluate your specific needs and direct you to the proper learning environment to assist you in controlling your diabetes.