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I have been exposed. I want to get tested. What should I do?

Greater Regional Health has a partnership with Test Iowa to get those Iowans who wanted to be tested a means to do so. Go to to take the assessment and receive a barcode to take to your appointment. Call (641) 782- 1194 to make an appointment. (No walk-in appointments are available through Test Iowa at this time.) Arrive at Greater Regional Health's Urgent Care vestibule that is located in between the Main Entrance and the Medical Arts Plaza. (This is not a drive thru test. You will have to come into the building.) You will get tested and receive results within 2-5 days. Self quarantine until your results come back. 

I am experiencing symptoms. Where should I go?

Greater Regional Health urges all patients that are experiencing symptoms to go to Urgent Care or their primary care provider to be evaluated. Our patient's safety and care are our top priority. The provider will evaluate and treat upon their discretion.

I received a bill from my COVID-19 test. I thought they were free?

Greater Regional Health urges patients that are experiencing symptoms to go to Urgent care to be evaluated. Not all sickness during this time are COVID-19 cases, we want to give the best care which means evaluating the patient to understand the symptoms is the best route. These evaluations are normal Urgent Care visits, so will be billed as such. If you visit Test Iowa for results, you will only get notice if you do or do not have COVID-19. This test is free. 

My friend/family have gotten their results back within 24 hours or less, but mine results still haven't come back. Why?

Greater Regional Health knows that every patient's next few days are being determined on these test results and know how important quick results are. However, it depends on where and when you received your test. If you received a test from Test Iowa your test will be sent to the State Hygienic Lab to get read. Their results are back within 2-5 days. If you received an Abbott ID Now Test you will receive your results within 24 hours. With Abbott ID Now Test, these tests are usually reserved for those patients experiencing symptoms, have pre-existing conditions, or are essential workers. 

Please keep in mind that the Abbott ID Now Tests are a limited availability as well as all of our COVID-19 supplies. All situations are individual and should be assessed by the provider with a full assessment and history. Provider discretion may warrant testing outside of these parameters. 

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