Obstetrics and Gynecology

COVID-19 Visitor Restrictions

Restrictions are intended to keep team members and patients safe by decreasing traffic into and out of the hospital, and to deceasing traffic activity within the hospital.

Restrictions are intended to conserve PPE resources.

The ED/Outpatient/Clinic patient is allowed 1 visitor per patient.

  • Visitor must not be ill and must be screened according to visitor policy. If the visitor is ill they will not be allowed to accompany the patient.
  • Only 1  visitor allowed for entire visit (i.e. cannot rotate out with multiple visitors for same patient)
  • Visitor is to remain in the designated area (ED room, OP waiting area, clinic room or waiting area) and not wander through the department or building.
  • On arrival, begin communicating to patient and visitor that the visitor is only allowed in the immediate setting and will not be allowed to stay if the patient is admitted.
  • See exceptions for  designated caregivers

Obstetrics vs. Gynecology

Obstetricians specialize in pregnancy and childbirth, while gynecologists diagnose and treat any ailment concerning a woman's reproductive organs. An OB/GYN is a physician who both treats diseases of the female reproductive organs and delivers babies. Because of their extensive training and knowledge in both sides of women's healthcare, many physicians combine their specialties to become OB/GYNs.

What Does An OB/GYN Doctor Do?

OB/GYN doctors are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of illness in women's reproductive organs. Our obstetricians and gynecologists cover a broad range of health issues, including:

  • Pregnancy and delivery
  • Prenatal care
  • Pelvic pain
  • Cancer of female organs
  • Infections of female organs
  • Infertility problems

In addition, OB/GYNs and gynecologists are specially trained in preventative healthcare to help women stay healthy through their lives. They specialize in disease prevention and consultation, including:

  • Mammograms
  • Cancer screenings
  • General physical examinations, including pap smears
  • Pelvic exams
  • Pregnancy prevention & contraception
  • Family planning counseling
  • Infertility discussions

Can Your OB/GYN Be Your Primary Care Doctor?

From your 20s through menopause, our OB/GYNs are by your side. At Greater Regional Health, our obstetricians and gynecologists also specialize in family medicine. This means your gynecologist can also be the primary care physician for you and your family.

If you are a woman searching for a new primary care provider, you may choose to see an OB/GYN who also specializes in family medicine and primary care. Our OB/GYNs have devoted years of education to learning not only how to prevent, diagnose and treat complex diseases that affect women, but also general primary healthcare for children and adults. They are also trained in preventative measures and to recognize risk factors to help you avoid illnesses down the road.

Choosing an OB/GYN: How to Find a Gynecologist

Your gynecologist is an important member of your healthcare team, and even if you're healthy, we recommend visiting a gynecologist for regular checkups to ensure your reproductive organs are healthy. Like choosing a primary care physician, when you choose an OB/GYN doctor, you'll be discussing personal health issues, so you'll want to find someone you can trust.

At Greater Regional Health, our OB/GYNs like to meet with new patients to discuss any health history, questions or concerns to pave the way for a successful relationship. By scheduling an appointment to meet with an OB/GYN, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about their specialties, how many years they've practiced, if they share your values and more.

Greater Regional Health Birthing Center

Our state-of-the-art labor, delivery and recovery rooms are designed to encourage family time and bonding. In addition to the OB/GYNs, our highly trained nurses are there to offer care and support throughout the birthing experience. In our birthing center, we also offer prenatal classes and individual teaching to help you and your baby get the best start possible.

Make An Appointment With a Greater Regional Health OB/GYN

At Greater Regional Health, our obstetricians and gynecologists are by your side through pregnancy and beyond. For general women's healthcare, disease prevention or any health concerns, our OB/GYNs are here for you every step of the way. Contact Greater Regional Health to help you choose a physician that's right for you.