Getting Back to the (New) Normal

Dr. Ralston Returns to the Orthopedic Team

Our orthopedic team of Jake Davis, PA-C and Dr. Tim Rankin are excited to have Dr. William Ralston back on August 24th.

August 1st, 2019, Ralston enrolled in an Adult Reconstructive Fellowship to learn new and immerging surgery and post-operative techniques. During his fellowship he learned new techniques for hip/knee surgeries that will be less invasive and have quicker recovery time.

Quality has always been a top priority for Ralston and the orthopedics team, and now with his return he is once again, a great addition to orthopedic care that is evolving with the fast pace of medical advancements that will compliment Rankin, making a comprehensive orthopedic surgeon team.

Rankin, Ralston, and Jake look forward to serving their patients of Southwest Iowa. If you have been waiting for surgery on your aching hip/knee, now is the time to call (641) 782-3887 and set up your appointment with our comprehensive orthopedic team today!


Has it been awhile since you visited Greater Regional for an appointment? Let’s update you on some changes that you may notice.

We understand this is a confusing time and that news regarding COVID-19 is constantly developing and changing. A lot of unknowns remain and as it continues to dominate headlines, be assured that Greater Regional Health is committed to the health and safety of our patients, staff and community.

Three Open Entrances for Quick Access

When you are arriving for your visit at the Creston campus there are three available entrances. Patients have the choice of entering the facility at our Main Entrance/ER entrance, the new Urgent Care Entrance (between the Main Entrance and the Medical Arts Plaza), and the newly updated Medical Arts Plaza vestibule. Once you arrive you may go to your appointment and you will be screened, temperature taken and questions asked, by our patient access representatives.

Upon entering our facility, we strongly recommend our patients to be wearing masks, if you would like a mask but do not have one please ask one of our staff members and they will be happy to get one for you. Our staff at Greater Regional is required to wear masks as part of our safety procedures and for our patient’s safety.

Pre-Registration Allows for Decreased Contact

Did you know you can make your wait time even less in our waiting rooms for our clinic visits by pre-registering before you even arrive?

The phone call you receive from patient access representatives 1-2 days before your appointment is to pre-register you, they will verify your demographics and update any insurance or any changes on the chart, so you are ready to go when you arrive with into the clinic. Check-in’s then take just a matter of seconds, decreasing the amount of contact you need to have to register.

Safe, Clean Environment

During this ever-changing time of uncertainty, Greater Regional Health wants to ensure the public that infection prevention is always a top initiative for our facility. Our infection prevention team at Greater Regional Health bought the first UV Light Sanitizer in 2013 to clean our surgery rooms, operating rooms, and patient care rooms. The UV Light Sanitizer kills top common viral and bacterial infections left behind. This UV Light Sanitizer is an extra step in disinfecting rooms within our facility.

Since 2013, we have added three large UV Light Sanitizers to our Surgery department, patient care floors, and Emergency rooms. In addition to 11 portable UV Light Sanitizers that are found in our Rural Health Clinics, Medical Arts Plaza, and other areas of the Medical Center. In April 2020, Greater Regional Health was excited to receive 17 MRSA UV Sanitizer Caddies to sanitize cell phones, tablets and non-critical patient care items.

At Greater Regional Health our own infection prevention initiatives within our facility and Rural Health Clinics start with our own Environmental Services (EVS) staff as they continue to sanitize with CDC guidelines. High touch surface areas are disinfected with each shift, intense/proactive cleaning is being done daily, along with additional cleaning projects. With any possible infectious disease, including COVID-19 precautions, our EVS staff does an industrial clean to the area which involves hand washing walls and floors with a chemical grade dioxide cleaner.

Virtual/Teleheath Available

Virtual health and telehealth are usually interchangeable, however do you know the benefits of Greater Regional having virtual health visits? Virtual health is so much more than just speaking over the phone to your provider (telehealth). With our virtual health visits, you can see your provider and be able to show and explain to them just as if you were sitting in the exam room in the clinic. Call (641) 782-2131 to see if your appointment would be appropriate for a virtual health visit.

Test Iowa

Greater Regional Health continues to keep patient and employee safety at our top priority. We were very excited for this business relationship to be able to provide you with COVID-19 testing when it is needed for you and your loved ones. Test Iowa is located within our Urgent Care with its own entrance vestibule between the Main Entrance and the Medical Arts Plaza entrance.

The process is simple. Go to and take the assessment. You will need to make an appointment by calling (641) 782-1194. There are no walk-in opportunities at this time. Please bring your ID and your bar code with you. You will receive your results within 2-3 days.

Please remember this is a state-ran program that Greater Regional Health is facilitating. For questions or concerns please reach out to the website to chat with them.

Have You Thanked a Nurse Today?

During these unprecedented times, families and loved ones were still getting cared for from our staff at Greater Regional Health. Was there a nurse that made your experience better during these interesting times? Did one affect a loved one’s day while getting their care? Let us know! We love recognizing our outstanding nurses we have, and one way we do that is through our DAISY award.

DAISY Award recipients humanize the mission, vision, and values of Greater Regional Health. These individuals selected consistently demonstrate not only the PETALS of the DAISY Award but the core values of Greater Regional: Compassion, Ownership, Respect and Integrity. The skills and patient care demonstrated by these individuals are recognized as outstanding role models in the nursing community.

Thank you for sharing your story!