Keeping You In the Know

Thank you for sharing your frustrations and concerns with me, Union County Public Health and Greater Regional Health. First and foremost, we hear you.

We listened to your calls, we listened to your messages, we listened. I want to make that point very clear.

Union County Public Health and Greater Regional Health will continue to be transparent in this process.

First 100 doses arrived on January 29th, 2021. Union County Public Health had initiated communication to the following entities in January that are included in Phase 1b, Tier 1.

The list of the entities within Union County include:

Creston Community Schools

St. Malachy Schools

Mayflower Heritage Schools

East Union Schools

Discovery Kids Preschool

Trinity Lutheran Preschool

I Think I Can Daycare

Creston Police

Fire Department

Child Welfare Social Workers/DHS

Union County Sherriff’s department

Union County Jail

Child mental health counselors/therapists

The first COVID-19 clinic within the first tier of Phase 1b is beginning tomorrow at 7 a.m. with Creston Community Schools.

For those of you that are in the age group of 65+ please look for my communication tomorrow February 3rd, 2021 that will address how to sign up for a vaccine appointment.

As always, I appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through Phase 1b.