Share the News.. a new update regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Waiting List

At this time Union County Public Health is still continuing to get the same number of doses in each week. However, the waiting list is now opened up to those that are 64 and under with underlying health conditions.

You and your loved ones can sign up two ways. 1) Register here for COVID-19 Vaccine Waiting List, fill out the form and hit submit. The screen will thank you for your submission and you will be notified by Union County Public Health when a vaccine dose becomes available for you. 2) You can call in to the COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline on Tuesday and Thursday from noon - 2pm. The number is (641) 745-0124. You will receive a phone call from Union County Public Health notifying you when a vaccine dose becomes available for you.

As Union County Public Health continues to receive the same number of doses and the waiting list is opening up to another group of vaccine recipients, please continue to have patience. The amount of people wanting the vaccine outweighs the amount of vaccine doses that are getting received.

If you or your loved one has received your vaccine from another entity and you or you loved name's is still on our list please go to this form. This will ensure our list to go quicker and having only those that need the vaccine on the list.