Testing Kits

Greater Regional is proactive and patient first on care and access. We are taking a moment to update and inform on the current access and resources available for patients and community members for COVID-19 testing to ensure the health and safety of the community to remain ahead in preventative measures due to hindsight of the pandemic.

Take home testing kits for COVID-19 are available at the Union County Public Health office. To ensure test kit availability, please call the Union County Public Health office at (641) 782-3545 to arrange a pickup time for kits. The kits are free to all and come with detailed instruction, as well as a pre-paid label to the State Hygienic Lab.

Once the test is mailed, results should be available within 3-4 days. The results will be recorded by the State Hygienic Lab to be viewed directly by the patient through Test Iowa. Union County Public Health will be available to assist with questions regarding the take home kits.

The process:

  1. Pick up a test kit from Union County Public Health.

  2. Complete the online survey at, then instructions to activate the test kit by entering the test kit barcode ID.

  3. Perform the test by following instructions for collection of the sample and package the sample.

  4. Send the test sample back to the State Hygienic Lab as soon as possible using the prepaid label included in the test kit.

  5. The State Hygienic Lab receives the test sample within 72 hours and processes the sample.

  6. The State Hygienic Lab provides the test results within 24 hours of receiving the sample. Results are provided via email.

If you are a patient of Greater Regional Primary Clinic and are not showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19, patients will be able to schedule a test by a nurse visit. Call the Primary Care Clinic at (641) 782-2131.

If you are experiencing signs and symptoms of COVID-19, please seek medical attention.

Remember to plan ahead for any COVID-19 testing that may need to be done prior to traveling. Visit for details about travel and return to work guidelines with testing.