To honor, celebrate & remember!

Updated: 5 days ago

Creston’s Crush Cancer In Every Color is an event hosted to celebrate cancer survivors, honor loved ones lost, and to come together as a community to fight against cancer.

The American Cancer Society made several changes during COVID to the event that no longer aligned with the goals of the planning committee of the Cause, Creston's Crush Cancer In Every Color.

"We had been having the conversation for the past couple years that with our amazing Cancer Center, right here in Creston, that we would love to keep our fundraising in our own community," said Dawn Loudon, planning committee member.

This event was formerly held annually as Relay for Life of Southwest Iowa through the American Cancer Society, traditionally at the Creston High School.

"With the changes ACS made we felt it would be the perfect time to make the jump!! We reached out to Greater Regional Health last year about the possibility of a partnership moving forward and we couldn’t be happier," said Loudon.

Loudon and her supporters, volunteers, and planning group for the Creston's Crush Cancer In Every Color are eager for the local effect and involvement in the event and for all of the fundraising efforts to directly benefit the Infusion and Oncology Center.

The effort of the planning group and volunteers is clearly displayed through the list of activities and events from morning to night this Saturday, August 6th for our community members and surrounding regions to come take part in and enjoy.

We are grateful for the partnership between this cause and our Greater Regional Healthcare Foundation, the ability to take the time to honor, celebrate, and remember all those affected!

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Facebook page: Creston's Crush Cancer In Every Color