TOP 100 to TOP 20

As your healthcare provider, we have had the privilege of being recognized as top 100 Critical Access Hospitals in the United States, now we are honored to be recognized top 20 CAH by the National Rural Health Association.

July 2021 there were approximately 1,353 CAH’s in America. Our unified team was one of the six Iowa hospitals recognized as top 20 by the NRHA.

We want to thank The Chartis Center for Rural Health for the national recognition and the National Rural Health Association for acknowledging the dedication and persistence of our administration and staff as top 20 of the 100 CAH’s.

How does this effect you?

Being named top CAH translates to the achieved success in categories regarding quality index, a performance based rating and patient perspective index, which is a rating across all 10 Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and System’s domains.

In receiving this recognition evaluations across a rural-relevant Process of Care measure reflects that our healthcare facility’s ability to execute and comply with recommended best patient care practices was of high regard. We are taking initiative in staying proactive with our patients help by the collection of various patient surveys regarding your satisfaction and care received.

OUR Dynamic!

Together we have faced the uncertainty, transition, and strain from recent pandemic effects. Healthcare industry vastly being crucially affected and continuing adaptations to the present day. Throughout the changes and implementations our focus remained offering the up-most care and resource access to you, our patients.

Even amidst the uncertainty, transition, and strain for the healthcare industry globally, our administration and staff worked diligently demonstrated by being a chosen top performer in categories associated with excelling in managing risk, achieving higher quality, securing better outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction, and operating at a lower cost than their peers.

These various pillars serve as distinction for rural facilities as they strive to achieve results and provide a blueprint for successfully navigating the uncertainty of the restless dynamic of healthcare.

Our patient first perspective and the desire to provide a safe, healthy environment for our community to work, play, and live has been an instrumental piece in demonstrating our push to make a difference in our communities.

We are Community!

"We invest here at GRH in our people, in our facilities, and continually push to meet the needs of our surrounding community and regions served,” said CEO Monte Neitzel.

As an organization we continually look to immerses throughout the community through reinvestment opportunities including improvements, implementation and expansions in order to support growth opportunity in our shared backyard. The past decade hospitals have been tasked with growing responsibilities associated to social determinants of health.

Social determinants of health are factors we has coincided with our reinvestment opportunities. Determinant examples include education access and quality, health care access and quality, economic stability, neighborhood and built environment, and social and community context.

We strive to be in the community as actively and ongoing in regards to our financial suitability to do so.

Our community reinvestment can look like; feedback from internal surveys promoting the Daycare project due to a need regarding staff and community childcare services, provided contributions to the local Food Pantry and sponsorship of the K9 dog for the police department, hosting farmers market at McKinley Park and donation of an ambulance to Southwestern Community College to engage students in experiencing real-world and hands-on learning. To follow current and future developments in the reinvestment process visit our Community Reinvestment page.

Interacting in the community and its growth allows for us to effectively identify the needs of our community. An active role like reinvestment opportunities is a direct linked source to your healthcare and specific patient needs, among other avenues.

Being Top 20 CAH, we as a whole, see the significance and importance of health within our organization’s walls, while at the same time strive to elevate our presence in the surrounding community and regions we serve. Being actively engaged, present, and aware is how we become a healthy community together.