Union County Public Health Receives 100 Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine for Phase 1b

February 1st, 2021 has arrived, and as the Iowa Department of Public Health said it is the opening day for Phase 1b groups for the vaccine to start.

Remember, Phase 1b is broken up into 5 tiers (groups) look at January 29th's blog post to see who is involved with the tiers. Another thing to note is that those 65+ and older can vaccinate during any tier.

Union County Public Health's biggest challenge is the limited doses being distributed to them. Union County Public Health has now received 100 doses for Phase 1b.

Union County Public Health has been notified they will receive another 200 doses at a later date.

Those who qualify in Tier 1b of the Union County population group equal well over the 300 individuals. Patience is requested by all. Union County Public Health and Greater Regional Health are passionate and committed to getting all individuals who want the vaccine to be vaccinated as quickly as we can.

At this time Union County Public Health must follow the IDPH's guidelines to open Phase 1b by starting to vaccinate within Tier 1.