Welcome Back!

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Welcome to our new website! Take the time to look around and see what is new! Our hopes are you find this website to be more user friendly. Some highlights about the new format that we are excited to share with you are the new videos, our new podcast, The Right Dose, with our pediatrician Dr. Standing, and so much more!

There is a lot of information, resources, and education on our website so click around!

There are new areas to check out as well, look at the impact Greater Regional Health has on our communities we serve underneath the About tab. Here you will see our community serve we provide as an organization (#ForTheGreaterGood), the support we give to local events, and our projects we work in conjunction with the Greater Regional Healthcare Foundation and Greater Regional Auxiliary.

Thank you for visiting our site!

A quick overview of “What is Greater Regional Health”?

We have had a lot of questions surrounding the name transition from Greater Regional Medical Center to Greater Regional Health. We are excited about our branding transition and we hope to help explain our shift for everyone to understand. We are still a medical center, but we offer so much more than just a typical medical center, so we felt the need for the name transition and rebrand ourselves as Greater Regional Health.

Greater Regional Health is a healthcare system located in Creston, Iowa, that is made up of multiple entities, as well as over 450+ employees, to best serve our patients of Southwest Iowa. It has grown to much more than just a hospital.

Think of it as an umbrella. Greater Regional Health is an umbrella for all the entities that are affiliated with the brand. For example, Greater Regional (in Creston) is part of Greater Regional Health, but Lenox Medical Clinic is not part of Greater Regional. They are two separate entities, under the same organization of Greater Regional Health.

So if an entity is part of Greater Regional, you do not have to put the word "Health" in the title because "Greater Regional" is part of Greater Regional Health.

Did you know?

After exploring the new website, you may stumble across the section ‘Services, Clinics, & Centers’. Did you know that Greater Regional offers over 40 service lines right here in Creston, Iowa? Did you also know that we have many Centers and Clinics? This is a great page to check in and see regularly, for we are always added more service lines! Stay tuned to see what late summer may bring to Greater Regional!