Why Primary Care?

You’ve probably heard the phrase primary care provider by healthcare systems. Maybe you’re asking yourself what this means? We are here to help! Let’s look at why primary care providers can be extremely important and how you might go about choosing one.

Families often have a primary care provider who is versed in a large generalized range of treatment. A primary care provider, is a health care professional who practices general medicine, also providing the first stop for medical care. When choosing a primary care provider, it is an incredibly personal decision, because forming a relationship with the provider is one of the benefits. This allows a genuine connection to be made, making hard conversations more approachable to voice health related concerns. To view GRH’s selections for providers please visit our providers page here and take advantage of some of the “Meet Me” options listed below providers, offering a firsthand opportunity to find the right connection for you!

Pediatrician, is a provider who manages the physical, behavioral, and mental care for children from birth until age 18. “Pediatric providers have extensive knowledge about the health and development of children, this allows us to make the best recommendations to allow them to each reach their full potential. It is very helpful to have a good relationship established with your child's pediatric provider whether they are being seen for a well visit, illnesses, psychiatric illnesses, or chronic illnesses,” said Brooke Martin DNP, ARNP, CPNP-PC Pediatrics department.

Family Medicine, formerly referred to as family practice, is a medical specialty devoted to comprehensive health care for people of all ages. American Academy of Family Physicians continues to share, "It’s a combination of passion for the patients and a depth of knowledge of the human body that makes family medicine such a unique, effective specialty." Access to a regular family medicine provider has been linked too; lower infant mortality; higher birth weights; immunization rates above national standards; lower overall health care costs; and longer, healthier lives. Adult medicine, also known as internal medicine, is the medical specialty of dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of internal diseases. They are especially well trained in the diagnosis of puzzling medical problems, in the ongoing care of chronic illnesses, and in caring for patients with more than one disease. Internists also specialize in health promotion and disease prevention. This is a practice of medicine that can most easily be described as being for people 18 years or older. Adult medicine providers are trained in general medicine for all adult ages, from the newly minted adult to the elderly.

Primary care providers options GRH Provides our community and the regions served:

Lenox Medical Clinic: Chimene Cobb, ARNP; Darcy Rubenking, PA-C

Corning Medical Clinic: Allison Wetzel, PA-C; Adrianna Shuey, DO, MBA; Karen Krogstad, MD

Mount Ayr Community Health Clinic: Abigail Clarkson, ARNP; Daniel Walker, DO; Raydeen Derscheid, ARNP; Coming soon, Gina Perri, MD

Pediatricians – Providers: Cheri Standing, MD, FAAP; Brooke Martin, CPNP-PC; Coming soon Rosemary Koeppel, MD

Family Medicine – Providers: James Gerdes, DO; Karen Krogstad, MD; Carly Parker, ARNP; Emily Turner, FNP; Liz Hensley, ARNP.

Adult Medicine – Providers: Matthew Checketts, DO; Steven Reeves, MD, FACP; Adrianna Shuey, DO, MBA; Everett Roberts, ARNP; Kendall Lange, ARNP; Sheena Cortner, PA-C