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Nerve Pain Therapy

Combined ElectroChemical Therapy (CET)

We combine Electronic Signal Technology (EST), injection of small amounts of local anesthetic to increase blood flow, and a medication (Foltanx) to give the body building blocks for nerve repair.  The combination can give immediate and lasting relief from neuropathy symptoms.  Treatment is usually 3 times a week for 4-8 weeks, receiving injections twice a week

What tests are required prior to CET?

A nerve conduction study is required to verify that there is not a nerve impingement causing the symptoms.  For lower leg neuropathy, a small epidermal nerve biopsy is performed on each lower leg to verify small nerve fiber dysfunction, this indicates that the treatment is likely to work.  A recent Hemoglobin A1c (3-month blood sugar number) is required to ensure that the patient does not have uncontrolled diabetes.

Does insurance pay for CET?

Insurance will typically pay for the testing and the twice weekly injections.  Insurance does not pay for the EST because “it is investigational”, meaning they don’t feel enough studies have been done over enough years to be willing to pay for it.  Treatment is $250 per week and is 4-8 weeks on average.  Foltanx multivitamin for nerve health may or may not be covered by insurance (GoodRX reports $45-55 per month) or a similar vitamin for ~$120 for 3-month supply.

Nerve Pain Therapy at Greater Regional Health

For issues above the knee, schedule an appointment/consultation with Greg Anderson, MSN, CRNA.

(641) 782-3887

For issues below the knee, schedule an appointment/consultation with Eric Larsen, DPM, FACPM.

(641) 782-3887

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