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Wellness Phone Calls

During the holiday season and the start of a new year, there is a rise in phone calls from health insurance companies looking to have a conversation with patients to assess their current health conditions and status. These phone calls are supported and conducted by health insurance companies looking to collect their own data about patient's current health, these phone calls are not originated from Greater Regional Health.

Greater Regional Health will not call any patient to do an annual wellness visit.

What Greater Regional Health will do:

  • Ask patients to make appointments with their primary care providers

  • Will have annual wellness visits face to face

  • Will discuss current meditations and dosages

  • Will discuss current health conditions and chronic illnesses

Annual Wellness visits are focused on preventative care where you and your provider will create a personalized prevention plan to help avoid and/or identify injury, illness, or disease. This will allow the relationship to grow between you and your provider to keep a clear line of communication for continuing your health journey.

If you do not have a primary care provider, below (left to right) are accepting patients:

Family Medicine: Dr. Krakovec, Liz Hensley, ARNP

Internal Medicine: Everett Roberts, ARNP and Sheena Cortner, PA-C

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