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YOUR CANCER CARE: Staying Informed and Empowered Throughout Your Cancer Care Journey

Taking charge of your health care will help make crucial decisions less overwhelming and give you the control you want in your care.

Receiving Cancer Care can be an overwhelming experience at the initial diagnosis. Greater Regional Health is here to help make your journey an educated process while providing the feel of hometown care.

3 things you need to know when you or a loved one has started with their Cancer Care journey:

1. Cancer care access at Greater Regional is a top priority.

Greater Regional Health employs our own Medical Oncologist/Hematologist. Dr. Mathew Wehbe and Brooke Wehbe, ARNP, they are available 4 days a week to care for our patients. Having our own cancer providers allows Greater Regional Health to see more patients and give our patients more time with their providers to address questions and concerns.

This provides our patients the time to be more involved in the understanding of their care.

“My team and I will be offering anything related to diagnosis and treatment of cancer including chemotherapy and immunotherapy, as well as any blood disorders like anemia and white blood cell disorders.” -Dr. Mathew Wehbe.

Brooke has extensive experience as an inpatient, oncology nurse prior to becoming an Oncology Certified Advanced Register Nurse Practitioner.

"I am excited to provide comprehensive care to patients close to their homes and support systems. I strongly believe patients do better in the comfort of their local community."
- Brooke Wehbe

Greater Regional Health has a great relationship with our partners in radiation therapy services through MercyOne Richard Deming Cancer Center. Our partner providers care for our patients the same in Creston, as they would if they would drive all the way to Des Moines to receive their care.

Our providers in Creston deliver excellent care and we have the technology to support their treatment plans. Greater Regional Health strives to offer the latest technology and equipment available to assure patients have the same treatment options as they would in larger cities.

Varian True Beam Linear Accelerator

Greater Regional installed a state-of-the-art linear accelerator for radiation treatments in 2023.

This machine, the Varian True Beam, allows for quicker patient treatment times.

2. You, as patient, have a choice.

You can receive your healthcare where you want and with the provider of your choice. Greater Regional Health works every day to deliver high quality care and provide access to all the communities we serve. We want to our patients to know they have an important role in their healthcare.

If you receive healthcare services from a different provider at a different facility, you have the choice to receive maintenance care (X-Rays, fluids, labs, etc.) at Greater Regional Health. That is your right as a patient.

3. Transferring your care is an option!

As you continue to take charge in your healthcare, you may find that you would like to switch providers or transfer care to make your treatments and maintenance care closer to home.

At Greater Regional Health, the option to start receiving care at our facility can happen at any time. Our staff will work seamlessly to transition care that works best for you.

Care that is closer to your HOME. Closer to your FAMILY. Closer to your SUPPORT SYSTEM.

We look forward to continuing and building new and trusted relationships while providing the best possible cancer care for our patients, because at Greater Regional Cancer and Infusion Center, we treat our patients like family.

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