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No referral needed to request an appointment with Greater Regional Dermatology.

We encourage you to make an appointment if you are suffering with the following:

Severe Acne

If you are experiencing pimples and black heads that are wide spread over your face and body and the over-the-counter treatments just aren't working. A dermatologist can help by providing prescription-strength medications or alternative treatments. Even having mild acne can lead to life long scars, it is best to treat as soon as possible.

Red, Itchy and Swollen Skin

If your skin is red, itchy and swollen, then you may have a condition referred to as eczema. Eczema affects well over 30 million Americans, according to the National Eczema Association and can include many different types of skin problems. In addition to eczema, if you struggle with chronic redness or face flushing this may indicate rosacea.

Dry Skin

This is much more than seasonal dryness. If you have red, elevated patches of dry or flaky skin anyway on your body it may be a condition called psoriasis. Common places for psoriasis to appear are your elbows, chest, scalp, knees and lower. These irritated skin patches can be extremely itchy and painful.

Skin Growths and Moles

If you notice moles or skin growths changing in shape, color, texture or size, make an appointment right away. Some moles and skin growths develop into skin cancer, the sooner they are looked at by a dermatologist could save your life.

Skin Cancer Screenings

It is very important to diagnose skin cancer early because melanoma (one kind of skin cancer) can be deadly. If you again notice changes in your moles, skin growths, or lesion get it checked immediately.

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